About Us

Your Critical Application Fastener Provider.

Since 1939, Process Products has established itself as a leading supplier of critical application fasteners for both made to print and off-the-shelf components. With over 70 years of industry knowledge and experience under our belts, we can offer you leading-edge products which withstand with the high pressure demands of diverse applications while maintaining a long functional life. Our precision engineering improves quality control and keeps our prices competitive.

  • Company History

    Since 1939, we’ve provided reliable product and service solutions to the oil, gas / petrochemical, power generation / distribution, heavy equipment, transportation and industrial manufacturing for a diverse range of critical applications.

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  • Facilities

    With two separate operating divisions and non-union facilities in Canada and the USA, Process Products currently employs 80+ people within North America and services Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East.

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  • Careers

    Are you interested in working for a reputable company that can offer you a rewarding career opportunity? At Process Products, we believe in customer-focused initiatives, stringent quality control programs, and reliable product and service solutions.

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  • Supplier Info

    Supplier Info

    PSTC Rev.2 _ Standard Tems and Conditions of Purchase

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